Why your feet need good care


Hi everyone

Soon it will be time again to get your beautiful sandals from under the dust.Your feet will also be more in the picture and we naturally want them to look beautiful and well-groomed.n. 

Did you know that it is very important to take adequate care of your feet. They are busy all day to take you everywhere and they have a lot to endure..

Some tips especially for you, made with a lot of love together with An, owner of Anstituut in Antwerpn

  1. What about calluses? 

Your feet assume a certain position, which changes over the years. As a result, you get calluses at certain points to protect your feet. You can easily remove this yourself with a callus file or scraper, but it is important to have this professionally treated by a pedicure on a regular basis.

  1. How many times do I have to go to the pedicure?

Pedicures advise to make an appointment once every 6 to 8 weeks to have your feet treated. Even if you have no complaints, it is wise and relaxing to go now and then. They will recognize and remedy problems and disorders in time.

  1. Dry skin.

If you suffer from dry feet, it is important to lubricate them well with a foot cream. Make sure to use one that absorbs quickly if you apply this at the start of the day, so that your feet don't slide in your shoes.

Tip: Put a cream on your bedside table and try to rub it on before going to sleep. Be sure to put on cotton socks, that way the foot cream can work for a long time while you sleep and they become silky soft: -..

  1. Extra attention

Another one that you should not forget. Regularly ask your partner to massage them: -. Just say that I said it is very important for your blood flow and to relax..


Besides our skin, we naturally want beautiful nails. Did you know that it is very important to always cut your nails straight. If you cut them too round you run the risk that they can grow in. If you feel like this is happening, make an appointment with your pedicure quickly and the problem can be resolved quickly..

Finishing touch


Just let yourself go with those colors of nail polish.

Fun facts:

Always use a base coat. This will make the color of your nail polish more intense and the colored polish smoother and smoother.

Instead of shaking your nail polish jar, you should actually turn it to prevent bubbles from forming in your polish.

Apply thin layers instead of thick layers. In this way the whole becomes smoother and it all dries up faster. 

Don't forget your topcoat!

What is your favorite color Share it below: --)

Hopefully these tips will help you and remember that perfect feet do not exist, each pair is unique: -)

Nice to know

We will soon have a homemade foot cream and refreshing foot spray especially for you. Made with love by L'Arin for Anzy

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We keep you posted!

Lots of love



Thank you for the tips, An!


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